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There is nothing wrong with you. And you are not alone. You are an Entrepreneurial Personality Type.


We are the few who dare to dream of a better world, and make it a reality.

The Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) is a previously unidentified and misunderstood population that has lived among us for generations.

All of the notable entrepreneurs down through history have a great deal in common with each other, and, quite frankly, very little in common with the rest of the world.

What they do share is The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, with all of its quirks and idiosyncrasies.


This means that they come with unique abilities, but have a hard time fitting into the systems built for everyone else.

EPTs are a proud band of brothers and sisters that includes Einstein, Oprah, Edison, and you.

Out of distress and difficulty, they have each had epiphanies. They’ve locked themselves in rooms and invented the light bulb, but only after ten thousand failed tries…

But with the right support and guidance, if they survive and are able to stay unmedicated and un-incarcerated, they will contribute to humanity and change the world.

...And I’m one of them, too.


Hi, I’m Alex Charfen.

I’ve dedicated my life to studying success and building multi-million dollar companies, but I never would have imagined that my most important discovery would be the Entrepreneurial Personality Type.

The story behind this book is that I discovered the EPT while I was trying to write another book.

I was working on my book proposal, and all I needed was 300 words describing my audience, the entrepreneur.

I was stumped.

In fact, I was so frustrated that I had to get up, get a drink of water, talk to my wife, and push past the resistance to return to my desk.

Alex Charfen standing on stage.

What happened next blew my mind.

I wrote 25,000 words.

I typed and dictated for nine hours straight — I couldn’t get it out fast enough!

All the research I had done on success — all the autobiographies and third-party accounts I’d read, the millionaires and billionaires I had worked alongside — it all suddenly came together, and I realized:

Look at any successful person in history, they’re all so different, yet so the same in the abstract.

They all share certain attributes and patterns, and they are all driven by a quest for unlimited momentum.

Alex Charfen waving to the crowd from stage.
Alex Charfen writing in his Momentum Planner.

And when I started to write about the concept of the evolutionary hunter, it was almost a religious experience.

I had discovered the Entrepreneurial Personality Type.

It felt as if every entrepreneur in history — every person I’d obsessed about and studied — was somehow there with me, helping me write this book.

I was able to explain who we are, why we’re different, and how any one of us can overcome anything, get into momentum, and go change the world.

This book is my manifesto on why the entrepreneur, the evolutionary hunter, the person who dares to venture further than anyone else is willing to…is the most important person in history.


Simple Operations Summit image of crowd #1.
Alex Charfen at Simple Operations Summit talking to members.
Alex Charfen and Hayley Hart presenting at a Simple Operations Summit.

Consider it the Rosetta Stone for success for
the Entrepreneurial Personality Type!


There is no catch.

Complete your order and you’ll receive a FREE copy of ENTREPRENEURIAL PERSONALITY TYPE, you just cover shipping & handling costs (U.S. – $9.95, International – $14.95).

Why am I doing this?

Because for my entire life, I struggled to reconcile both the good and the not-so-good attributes of the Entrepreneurial Personality Type.

As I studied the stories of empire builders, game-changers, trailblazers, shot takers, record breakers, world-makers, and creators of all kinds, I couldn’t understand why some went on to change the world, and yet others ended up in prison, rehab, or an early grave.

When I discovered the Entrepreneurial Personality Type, all the pieces of my lifelong quest finally came together.

I was lit on fire, and I just wanted as many people as possible to have this information.

So, like I said — there is no catch.

I’m on a mission to empower every entrepreneur to make their greatest contribution to the world, and getting this book into as many hands as possible is part of that mission.


Because I’ve made it my mission to bring this life-changing information into the world, I’m offering you my personal guarantee:

If you’ve read through this page, nodding your head along the way, feeling like you NEED this book in your hands, then I know it’s for you.

That’s why, if for some reason, you’re unhappy with the book, I’ll return your shipping and handling fee and let you keep it anyway.

Sound fair?

I don’t want there to be any barriers between EPTs and this information.

Once you understand why you are the way you are, I know you’ll go out and contribute to the world at your highest capacity.

Get your copy of ENTREPRENEURIAL PERSONALITY TYPE and understand the evolutionary hunter in you like never before!


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Your Guide to the Most Important and Misunderstood Among Us

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