Momentum Podcast: 201

The Cadence of Success

by Alex Charfen

Episode Description

What is the number one tool that will allow you to climb The Billionaire Code? Each new level of the code brings a new level of complexity and exposure. Do you have an absolute structure that your company runs on? 

Without consistency, you’re setting up your team to fail from the start. In most companies, people don’t know what they can and can’t rely on and are therefore just trying to survive. The time with your team is the most important time you spend. When you have a clear outcome, responsibilities and scoreboard, you end up on top. Give your team a chance to win.

Full Audio Transcript

I'm Alex [Charfen 00:00:01] and this is the Momentum Podcast, made for empire builders, game changers, trail-blazers, shot takers, record breakers, world makers, and creators of all kinds. Those among us who can't turn it off, and don't know why anyone would want to. We challenge complacency, destroy apathy, and we are obsessed with creating momentum, so we can roll over bureaucracy and make our greatest contribution.

Sure, we pay attention to their rules but only so that we can bend them, break them, then rewrite them around our own will. We don't accept our destiny, we define it. We don't understand defeat, because you only lose if you stop, and we don't know how. While the rest of the world strives for average and clings desperately to the status quo, we are the minority. The few, who are willing to hallucinate there could be a better future. And instead of just daydreaming of what could be, we endure the vulnerability and exposure it takes to make it real.

We are the evolutionary hunters. Clearly the most important people in the world because entrepreneurs are the only source of consistent, positive human evolution, and we always will be.

The cadence of success. In a minute I wanna tell you the fastest and most important tool that I can give you in order to climb the Billionaire Code and to continue to progress. And to continue to go up this structure, this framework, so that you can get to where you know you want to be.

But first, I want to thank you. Yesterday was a huge day for my team and I. The Momentum Podcast was downloaded over 5400 times. It is crazy that every day, I get to give a keynote speech to 5400 people. I want you to know, I appreciate you. I can't thank you enough. We've gotten over 140 5-star reviews. I think we still, I haven't looked in the past couple of days, but I look at least two or three times a week. I think we still have 100% 5-star reviews. Actually, no, 130, I think we're over 150 now.

If you haven't left, we would love it if you would leave a review. But just wanted to thank you, because every time we hit a record day it's so exciting for us and 5,400 is incredible. We just launched this last July. We've really had very little paid advertising, most of this has just been all organic, so, thank you.

And the last two weeks of doing this have been a lot of fun, because going through the Billionaire Code is ... it's so exciting for me. I remember when I first put this together. When I first figured out all the numbers and the categories and how it worked and how clarifying it was.

From that day forward, every time I've talked to an entrepreneur, I usually have the Billionaire Code pulled up because then I can identify exactly where they are. I know who I'm dealing with. It gave me superpowers when it came to talking to entrepreneurs because I always knew what pain they were most likely feeling and what pain they were most likely stepping into, and what success they were just stepping out of. Once I could identify those things I knew exactly how to help them.

I remember my friend [Brent Deucing 00:03:20] came over and I was like, "Hey man, I gotta show you something." I went and got my iPad and I pulled up the spreadsheet where I built it and I shared it with him. I felt like I was sharing the greatest discovery of my life. But first, that was probably the entrepreneurial personality type first.

I remember the first time I went and talked to Cadey about that and then my friend [Dennis Welch 00:03:41]. That same type of feeling, came with the Billionaire Code, because I knew the second it all came together that this was absolutely the Rosetta stone that entrepreneurs are looking for about how do you get to the next level being a person like us? Let's be really clear, everyone of us just wants to keep going into greater and greater levels of momentum.

One of my clients tonight, [Natalie Hodson 00:04:11] asked on our group coaching call, she said, "What if I'm okay with my business just being at the size that it is now? What if I'm okay with that. What if I just said I'm just gonna stay here?" I shared with her that people like us just don't do that. First, businesses have a hard time finding stasis. They can't just stay in one place.

In fact, if you want to see businesses that stay in one place, go to that local restaurant that's struggling to stay in business. Go look at some of the local businesses that you have where they don't really have a way to grow, they don't have a way to go up or go down. They just keep doing the same thing every year. There's no life in those places. It's really hard to just park a business at a place, in fact, what happens is, it's hard for us as entrepreneurs to stay there.

What I shared with Natalie is, especially in her case, she's already squeezed that toothpaste out of the tube. She's created a level of notoriety and a level of market that millions of women know who she is. Hundreds of thousands of them have bought from her, are in her database, have interacted with her. She's solved fundamental women's issues that nobody else talks about. Your business is gonna continue to keep growing if you keep doing that, and you're not gonna stop doing that.

So, you are going to want to know how to get up the Billionaire Code as fast as possible. There's a cadence to the success in the Billionaire Code. This is what we teach as a company. This is what we share with people. I want to give you exactly what we do to help organizations grow at a pace that they didn't think possible.

Each new level of the Billionaire Code brings with it increased complexity and complication. Because as your business grows, the level of things you deal with are going to increase in complexity. You will have departments you never thought you needed to have. You will have compliance issues that you have to deal with. You will have legal issues, you'll have structural issues, you're gonna have to take care of those issues. So, there's a massive increase complexity or complication.

There's also increased exposure. As your business grows, you will absolutely feel increased exposure. You'll feel increased vulnerability. You will have to increase the rate of your behavioral change at each new level of the Billionaire Code. And in a lot of cases, these things get exponentially harder.

To go from delegating a few things, to delegating everything, to delegating success, to giving up autonomy of time, that is exponentially harder for people like us. And no other coach is going to tell you this. Because let's be honest, what everybody else wants to sell is stuff like, "You can run your business on autopilot." Or, "You can build a self-managing company." Or, "You can sip Mai-Thais and make money." You know what, the guy who's selling you the sip Mai-Thais and make money program, the only time he was drinking the Mai-Thai was because he had to take it for the photo shoot so he could sell you the program that doesn't really work.

The challenge with the guy who says run your business on autopilot is they're gonna sell you something and then give you a result that's gonna work for the place where you are right then. Not ongoing because here's what anyone who's ever grown a business of any substance knows, there's no such thing as autopilot. You have to be intellectually and emotionally engaged in that business. It doesn't have to take your time, but you have to be intellectually and emotionally engaged in that business to continue to trust it and to continue to grow that enterprise.

The cadence of success is the absolutely structure that your company runs on. It's the things that most entrepreneurs neglect, avoid, miss, are late for, and cause to seem unimportant. It's when you're planning with your team, it's when you're spending time with your team, in meeting when you're together. It's when you're measuring things with your team. That is the most important time you spend as an organization. I'm gonna say it again. The time with your team is the most important time you spend.

Here's what that time looks like in most companies, it's haphazard, not telegraphed, people don't know it's coming. I watch in most organizations, people walking into meetings and literally asking each other, "Hey what is this meeting for?" And there isn't even any shame in doing it. That's just how we do meetings, you ask what it's for as you walk in.

When you think about how random that is, what we need to understand about most organizations, is that we are asking people to survive in a completely random environment. We're asking our team to be consistent and we're putting them in a completely random environment. And we're not giving them what they need to succeed, because what you need to succeed is that there is consistency in your company. That there is calm inside your organization, that people trust each other, that they communicate transparently, that they feel safe. They feel understood, they know how they're getting judged, they don't feel like they're randomly threatened, they don't feel a sense of threat, they know what to expect. They know that they can win, they understand what the meetings about, it's been telegraphed. They're prepared, they're ready to show up and give you their all. That's what you want in your organization.

The challenge is, in most companies, we have a completely random system. Meetings are late, sometimes they're held, sometimes they're not held, if something important comes up they're canceled. People don't know what they can and can't rely on, so you have people in the organization just trying to survive. Just trying to make it through.

The way that you can completely change this, is to create an absolute structure that's predictable within your organization. Here's what I mean about absolute structure, that means that your meetings happen at the same time, every time, no matter what. That means that, when you are meeting on strategic meetings, the strategic people who are supposed to be in the room don't take vacation time, they're there and they are prepared and they've been working on this stuff to prepare for a while. They've known it was coming, they understood what was there, or what was expected, so that they could win.

If you want your organization to succeed, create consistency and create an expected communication system. Make it the most reliable system in your company. Make it so that everyone knows your daily huddle happens every day at the same time. Your weekly meeting is exactly at the same time. Make it so that your monthly, your quarterly, your annual planning, everything is a system with a structure that has clear choreography, clear intention, people know exactly what's going on. It's expected, it's understood. And everyone has a clear chance to win.

Because when you do this, here's what happens. You create calm inside your company. You create clarity inside your company. You create an atmosphere where people can actually perform and produce and overcome things and adapt and make things happen. You exist in a storm.

Every business exists in a storm because we're in a market environment. There're competitors, there's shifting issues, there's challenges, there's growth that happens. The environment, the economy might affect your business, eventually politics might affect your business. There's going to be all kinds of things that affect your business from the outside in, so make the inside as strong as possible by creating a clear, expected, and understood communication system where you don't miss meetings, where you're on time, where you show up and the team wins together, meetings become targeted.

You know exactly what the intention is, they're primed which means people know they're coming ahead of time. They're choreographed, every single person in the room knows exactly how that meeting's going to run. They can anticipate what's going to be said next. They're intentional, so you know exactly what you're going to have at the beginning you know what your outcome is, and these meetings have clear limited outcomes.

The fact is, far too many meetings digress, get crazy, people don't know what they're talking about, there is no agenda. If you commit to doing the opposite, and you have clear outcomes for a meeting, people go in, they can perform at their absolute best. They're not afraid to invest their time in the meeting because they know it will be efficient and it will actually work, and your entire team wins together.

As you do meetings, you will win more and more. My team celebrates at the end of almost every meeting we have because it was an awesome meeting and because we're working the system even better. Our structure is working better. We're succeeding in a better way. This week, we had an incredible weekly meeting. And we talk about that stuff. I actually think about it and get excited about the time that I spend with my team.

When you create an absolute structure, when it's expected, when you stop missing meetings, when your team knows when you'll be there, when the communication doesn't come from on high, it comes when they expect it, it comes when they know its coming. Everything in your business will change.

As you climb the Billionaire Code, that cadence, that system, that structure becomes increasingly important because at seeker, starter, maybe even promoter, it's really just you. We sell that system in moment master class. If you go to we have the cadence the structure for anyone who's in seeker or starter.

At promoter, builder, operator, you start bringing in people, you need an entry level cadence where you have one level of communication. There's one level of meetings because it's a small team at that point. When you get past there, you get to operator, leader, owner, now you need a more robust communication system because it's two, sometimes three levels deep.

But how is everyone in the organization made aware of where the business is going. And how does each person know for their role, what is the clear outcome they need to achieve? What are they accountable and what is everyone else around them accountable to? And what scoreboard is being used as a measure of success? What milestones are you checking off? What metrics are you measuring for each individual?

If you create this system in your company, here's what happens. You can't help but succeed, because this is a structure that will increase morale like crazy. When everyone knows that they can expect to win together, when everyone knows that meeting is gonna happen on time, when everyone knows that your business runs like a well oiled machine, when there's a cadence to success, they actually start using it. They get excited about it, they commit resources to it. They will give you discretionary time if you make it so that they can trust it.

When you build this absolute structure, everyone on your team will understand what they need to be doing to have the most effective time together. We don't have meetings in our company. We call meetings in our organization and we train targeted interactions. You get together, you have an interaction, there's a targeted outcome, and you make that happen on the way out.

Then as part of this communication cadence, you must have a forward planning system where you show people where your business is going. Where are you going to be in a year? What are you doing in the next 90 days to get there? What part of that are you getting done in the next 30 days? What are your commitments for the week? What is the productivity for the day?

Because if you build that forward-looking structure, you don't have to talk to your team all the time. You can use minimum effective dose transformational leadership to get massive results. That's how you get up the Billionaire Code. You have a system and a structure that happens the same way every time for everyone.

Here's who it's most important for, you. You. Because here's what you know and I know about us as entrepreneurs, we can lose perspective quickly. We can have emotions of fear, frustration, anxiety and all kinds of other things that happen when we're not clear about what's going on.

We know that we can lose perspective and change things without really understanding the consequences. We also know that if we're not measuring things and we don't have clarity around what's really going on, we have a hard time seeing where success really is.

Here's why it's most important for you, is that if you're willing to commit to a cadence where it happens on time and you're there every time, and your team can count on it, you can also count on it. You create a level playing field when it comes to measurement. You create a level playing field when it comes to the time with which your team meets together. You create a level playing field where you can measure the same way, over and over and the perspective of how much you can get done and create success will go through the roof.

Now, you have a system showing you consistent feedback over and over again and that will allow you to improve. Here's what I know about you as a person. Anytime in your life that you've had a clear outcome that mattered to you, you've understood what your responsibilities are and what was of those around you, and there was a system that made sense to you, and a scoreboard that you cared about, you have ended up at or near the top.

And my guess is, at the top. What this cadence does, where you install a system where you meet at the same times, you measure at the same times, you look at the same results, you get together in the same way, you have choreographed meetings, you have intentional outcomes, your whole team knows what to expect, you will get exponential results.

What a cadence in your company does, what having that regularity, that clarity, that consistency will do in your organization will cause everyone on your team to trust where you're going and to give you more, and to lean in especially when times are hard, or when things get tough or when you need to adapt. Your entire team will pull together because they know they're gonna be together again. They know the next meeting is coming, and this in of itself creates accountability.

The reason that a structure like this is so crucially important at every level of the Billionaire Code is this, once you get to builder, and operator, and above, it's your ability to lead a team that is going to create your success. One of the myths of leadership is that somehow as a leader you apply pressure to your team and they get things done. If that's how you're going to try to be a leader, it's gonna be a very hard road for you. When we as leaders have to try to push, and motivate, and prod and remind our team to go forward, it is exhausting for us. If you're doing that right now, I feel bad for you. You're in transactional management.

The reality of the best way to lead a team, as you go up the Billionaire Code is to create a cadence, a structure where everyone's accountable to each other. Nothing slips through the cracks. If you have a clear structure, a clear communication structure where the same things are being measured and everyone agrees on what you're doing and you're reporting to each other regularly, and meeting together in a transparent way, nothing falls through the cracks.

So, your teams' ability to get things done goes stratospheric. And the more consistent the cadence is, the better your team will do. The more you lean in on creating that consistency, that structure, that expectation from everyone, the more you will see your team rise to the occasion.

The fact is, that people in general, want to win. They want to win with what they spend most of their time on, which is work. If you provide a cadence and a structure, and the cadence of success in your company, everything in your business will shift for the better, and you will see your team show up in a way you didn't really expect they could.

If you're interested in having this cadence, regardless of where you are on the Billionaire Code, reach out to us, because we can help you. We can show you how our personal planning cadence can help you get through seeker, starter, promoter. We can show you how our business planning cadence can help you get through builder, operator, leader and beyond.

Go to and give us some information. Answer a few questions for us, we will send you full outline of the Billionaire Code. We will also show you where you are along the Billionaire Code, and if you're interested, you can set up a time to talk to one of our team members and they can tell you what we have available to help you climb the Code. Thanks for being here with me.

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