Momentum Podcast: 240

The Dichotomy Of Growth

by Alex Charfen

Episode Description

There’s a countless list of things you think you need to do to grow and scale a business, but I bring it down to two separate parts. our unique deliverable & and your business infrastructure. 

You get to a point as an entrepreneur you feel like you don’t have the time to do everything you need to do to grow the business.

Are you there? Have you felt that? That’s what every client of mine comes to me feeling. One of the most exciting things for me in my business is helping entrepreneurs and watching them evolve through the dichotomy of growth.

Full Audio Transcript

I'm Alex Charfen and this is the Momentum Podcast made for empire builders, game changers, trailblazers, shot takers, record breakers, world makers, and creators of all kinds, those among us who can't turn it off and don't know why anyone would want to. We challenge complacency, destroy apathy, and we are obsessed with creating momentum, so we can roll over bureaucracy and make our greatest contribution. Sure we pay attention to their rules, but only so that we can bend them, break them, then rewrite them around our own will. We don't accept our destiny, we define it. We don't understand defeat, because you only lose if you stop and we don't know how. While the rest of the world strives for average and clings desperately to the status quo, we are the minority, the few who are willing to hallucinate there could be a better future. And instead of just daydreaming of what could be, we endure the vulnerability and exposure it takes to make it real. We are the evolutionary hunters, clearly the most important people in the world, because entrepreneurs are the only source of consistent positive human evolution and we always will be.

The dichotomy of growth. There are a ton of things that you may perceive you have to do in order to grow your business. There's, I mean, a countless list. We could talk about growing your lead generation, growing your nurture systems, getting more exposure, creating the product that you sell, getting more clients, bringing in your team, creating company culture, having meetings, the schedule that you run, all of the things the you have to do to run a business. We could make a massive list of everything it's going to take to grow and scale your business, but the fact is when I'm dealing with CEOs of fast growth companies, I boil it down to two different parts. There really are two major outcomes, if you're going to grow and scale your business.

The first one is to grow and scale your unique deliverable. What is it that you do in the world? To be able to grow and scale that at the highest level. And the second one is how do you grow your business and your team culture? How do you build the infrastructure that actually grows the business? And I call this the dichotomy of growth, because while these aren't completely opposing, as most dichotomies where they point in different directions, here's what happens every single day. You, as the CEO, get up and you make a decision between focusing on the unique deliverable of your company or growing the infrastructure and the team and the culture. And the fact is, they're different activities. Completely different activities. And most entrepreneurs who do well are really good at driving the growth of the unique deliverable.

In fact, most of the companies I work with are companies where an entrepreneur strapped it on, did most of the work themselves, got it up to six figures or high six figures, seven figures, multiple seven figures, primarily and almost entirely by themselves. They might have had some contract work. They might have had some coaching. They might have had some other people working with them. But really, for the most part, the people I work with have gotten there on their own with a small team, with very little support. And then they start realizing they have to grow this team and the business and the infrastructure. And so you end up with these competing priorities. And here's the biggest challenge you have in this dichotomy of growth is that today the average entrepreneur growing their business, spending somewhere between 50% and 75% of their time on the function of growth. That means meeting with their team, talking in their team, moving people in the right direction, showing people what the plan is, getting people to do the right things, transactional management, telling people what to do, checking that it got done, telling them what to do again.

50% to 75% is conservative in most cases. And let's just put it out there that if you are working 60 hours a week, which let's be honest, 40 hours a week is full-time. Most entrepreneurs are working 60 or more. Let's just say if you're working 60 hours a week, if you're spending 50% to 75% of your time on growing the infrastructure, growing the team communicating, all that's left is to grow the unique deliverable, get smaller and smaller. In fact, if you're spending 50% to 75% of your time and you're working 60 hours a week, you're spending between 1,500 and 2,250 hours a year on just growing the team, on just managing their business, on just transactional management. That is absolutely brutal. And here's where this becomes a dichotomy, a competition for your time. Here's where it starts getting painful. Here's where it's hard.

You get to the point, as an entrepreneur, where no matter what you do you feel like you don't have the time to do everything you want to do to grow the business. Are you there? Have you felt that? That's what everyone of my clients comes to me feeling. In fact, I've been on a few calls today interviewing potential candidates for our Grow and Scale Program, I think we found a couple, and when I talk to them one of the biggest challenges that people experience coming into our program is, "How can I build the infrastructure, the business, have the meetings, have the systems, have the processes, fast enough so that I can increase delivering as much as I can on the unique deliverable?" In fact, today on one of my calls, I was talking to a Turkish entrepreneur. And get this. I started an information product company in Turkey from Amazon drop shipping and he's created a $500,000 business in the last 90 days.

He's done half a million dollars in 90 days and there's no sign that he's slowing down. And his biggest challenge right now is that he's selling so much, he wants to understand how to grow the business and the team and the infrastructure. And when I told our company specializes in process and systems to grow business, he said, "Oh, processes and systems. That is the sexiest words I've heard in a long time." Here's why. He's an entrepreneur who knows exactly what he needs to grow his business. He's got a tiger by the tail. A half million dollars in 90 days, it feels like somebody's trying to rip your head off. And what he really needs is the processes, the system, the structure. Here's why.

As an entrepreneur, when you have process and structure and a cadence through which your team knows they will hear from you, and certainty in how you communicate, and clarity around each targeted interaction, each meeting you have with your team, everything in your business gets easier. And here's the magic. The unique deliverable improves. Here's how we help entrepreneurs, not just change their businesses, but permanently and irrevocably change their lives. Because for me it's not enough just to help somebody grow, I want somebody's life to change. I want somebody's business to improve. I want them to become better at what they do. I want them to become more passionate about the world. Here's how we do it.

We take an entrepreneur who's been struggling through the murk of trying to grow and scale their business without a process, understand, your unique deliverable and the growth of your business are equally as difficult. How hard was it to come up with the unique deliverable? How many times did you have to experiment and try and figure how you would actually have an effect on the client? Well, I want you to know something. For over 25 years all I've obsessed over is how do you make business grow? And after about 10 years of asking that question, it was a quick pivot to how do you make business grow? Because I learned how to make people grow, I learned how to make business grow. What I realized was if you grow the business without the people, then the business stops growing. And here's what our system does.

We take you from 1,500 to 2,200 or 2,250 hours a year, if you're working 60 hours a week, and we reduce that down to right around 300 hours a year devoted to growing the business and the team and the infrastructure. See, we eliminate the confusion on that side of this dichotomy so that you can go put all of your time into the unique deliverable that your business puts out there. So that you can go innovate and create and compete and put the absolute best products in your customer's hands. So that your business grows as fast as it possibly can. And we're doing this every single day. See, I don't want you to reinvent the wheel. Don't go out and try and do this all on your own. Don't listen to these podcasts and try and put together a communications cadence and a structure, because we will help you do it. And the fact is, if you have a unique deliverable that's working, if you have a product that people are buying, if you've created an opportunity you know is bigger than what you are actually putting out there right now, the one you're actually showing right now, then you have a responsibility to, at the very minimum, reach out and talk to us about getting past this dichotomy of growth.

Because, when it comes to your unique deliverable, the product you put out in the world, the effect that you have, the change that you make, I want to help you deliver that at the highest level possible. I want to help you leave the market you're in. I want to help you be the number one choice, where number two is so far removed from number one, you look like the only choice available. And I know I can, because we have clients that are doing this every single day. Because they understand their focus should be on their unique deliverable and they need minimum effective dose, meetings, infrastructure, communications cadence, and time with their time. And when you have that minimum effective dose, everything in your business changes.

Let me just share a couple of examples with you. We started working with Alex and Leila Hormozi and their story just continues to get more intense, because not only have they gone from two million last July to almost almost 30 million today, not only have they gone from having about 90 people at their first event to 500 people at the Gym Launch Event this week. Not only have they gone from having a three person team to now over a 40 person team, but they've also done it while Alex and Leila have maintained their lifestyle, have continued to workout and actually get healthier, have maintained their health self-care, have made sure that they are taking care of themselves and lowering the pressure and noise in their lives. And I know, they lived right around the corner from me, I see them all the time. That's just one example.

Molly Keyser and Aaron Silvernale who own Boudie Shorts. They live in Austin here now too and I can give you up close and personal information on them. They, last year, had a ton of different products. They had a completely different unique ... or they had a similar unique deliverable to what they have today, but what they've done is gone hyper-focused, one outcome. The, I can't remember the acronym, but it's the Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer, I think I got it right, CPBP, whatever. The Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer and they're closing like 70% or 80% of the people that they talk to or more. They're having a massive impact on people's lives. Molly and Aaron are now down to the place where they really are spending around 300 hours a year on the infrastructure and the team growth and the culture. And their business is exploding and things are getting easier for them as well.

There is a clear dichotomy of growth. And if you don't understand that you're growing two outcomes, they will crush you. See, if you don't get clear on the fact that you are growing the unique deliverable of your business, you're growing it to be the number one, you're growing it to compete with anybody else who's in your category, you're growing to have the biggest effect you possibly can on your clients, that's your first deliverable. And then the second thing you are focused on when you grow a business is the structure, the systems, the infrastructure, the communication structure, and how you actually grow that team. And I want to make something clear, if I haven't already, don't reinvent that wheel. We've done it. We can show you how to do it. We have a paint by number system to grow your business, because I want you focused on going out and making more of that unique deliverable happen.

You know, today when I was on that call with the gentleman from Turkey, first of all, I was crazy inspired, because to be hitting those types of numbers in Turkey, he's selling a ton of product in a market where each dollar spend it much more significant to the individual than it is here in the US. So I'm beyond impressed with what he's doing. But what's even more exciting for me is this. He's running the business, just like I explained to you. He's doing that 50% to 75% of his time. He has a person who's helping him run it, but he definitely needs systems and structure and process. And like he said, all the sexy stuff. And why I get so excited is here's what I know. He committed to join our program today. And in the next 90 days, we are going to show him a communication cadence and a structure that will not just change his business, but it will permanently and irrevocably change his life. It will change his impressions of how much he can get done in any time period.

It will show him how much more capable he is of running a team. And it will completely and dynamically transform him as a business leader. I can't wait to watch that process. It's one of the most exciting things I do in my business is watch entrepreneurs in the moment evolve and become entirely new, more powerful, more capable, more impactful human beings. Because when you realize there are really two sides to every business out there and you understand how to focus on both, that's when you get exponential growth. Are you ready? If you are, go to, answer a few questions for me and my team, and you'll have an opportunity to connect with us and figure out how you can move your business forward. If you're ready to put the systems, the structure, the strategy in place to go forward as fast as you possibly can, if you know you have an opportunity that you are not actually taking advantage of, let us help you. If you've created a business that could be doing more, don't wait. Go to, reach out to us, and let's see if we can help you take everything to the next level.

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