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Travel With Intention

by Alex Charfen

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When you get to an airport and look around you, everyone seems to be stressed out and in panic mode. Whether I’m traveling alone for business or with my family on a holiday I always set my travel intention. If you do this too I promise your whole day will turn out differently. Think about why you are traveling and what you can do to make things as simple as possible. Remember, live with intention.

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Whether you're traveling by yourself or with someone else it can be stressful. Airports are not a normal situation. Everyone's in high alert and on the verge of fight or flight. This is a simple habit that will make it easier for you, and if you travel with your family, a lot easier for all of you.

This podcast might sound different than most. I'm not using my normal microphone and I'm in a Uber on the way to the airport with Cadey, Kennedy and Reagan.


Hi Everyone.

We just spent a week in Washington DC and prior to that we were up in Virginia Beach and I had really awesome family vacation and today is a travel day so every day that we have a travel day we do something that we call our family intention. It is a simple ritual that gets everybody in the family focused on what our intention really is for the day and why we are traveling and what we should do to make it as easy as possible. So here's what we do.

We all join hands and then we say a simple intention. So we all join hands, all of us are holding hands in the middle kind of like in a NFL locker room and then we start with each person saying their intention. So I'm going to pass the phone to Kennedy because we start smallest to biggest.

Our intention is to drink a lot of water and not fight. Reagan.

Our intention is to stay healthy and safe.

Our intention is to get to our destination safely and to support each other through our travel day and get home to Austin to our animals.

And our intention is to be a connected and loving family as we travel through the airport where everyone else is freaking out and use our energy to calm each other down, laugh, and have such great energy we calm the people around us. Thanks Reagan. And laugh and have fun on a travel day. Ready?


One, two, three, sharpen.

And that's how we do our family intention. If you travel for business or if you travel of any kind one of the things that I think that we don't realize as entrepreneurs and as travelers is just how difficult it can be when you get to the airport people really are kind of in a semi-panic mode. If you look around you everyone's stressed out. All you have to do is set a simple intention, and the entire day will be different. When I travel alone, I do this exact same thing only I do it by myself, and I think to myself what is my intention in this travel day.

I also train and share with all of my clients that if we sit down, and we write an intention for everyday of our lives, everything changes. Dr. Wayne Dyer was a hero of mine and at one point Cadey and I got to meet him in a really interesting story that I'll share at another time. But I remember reading Wayne's books and his insistence on how important intentionality and being intentional in our lives was. He didn't share a lot about the tactics, so I just continued to read his books and obsess over his materials, and I realized the tactics of intention are simple, it is just stating exactly what you what. Here's what happens.

After a while if you state your intention enough and you make it the intention that you really want you'll see, intentions just have this way of being exactly what happens in your life. Just like this podcast is incredibly short, setting your intention can take minutes every day. The average client that I work with does all of their morning planning, where they set their intention, realize where they were uncomfortable the day before, create the list of things that they are going to knock out for the day and then pick the top three things they're going to do each day in less than 12 minutes and it includes going through their entire forward planning structure.

This is a game changer for any of us. When we not only live with intention, but actually state our intention, things just have a way of working out. If you're interested in figuring out more of the tactics around intention and being present and creating a higher level of awareness, I created Momentum Master Class for exactly this purpose. If you want to check it out go to and I look forward to hearing what you think., remember, live with intention.

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