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Struggle Is Who We Are

by Alex Charfen

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I have news for you, as an Entrepreneurial Personality Type you’ve committed to a life of constantly being in a transition and struggling with something all of the time. Being an entrepreneur means that you are always a beginner at something. The rest of the world doesn’t want to have struggles and challenges, they don’t want growth. If you’re not putting up with some deficit or overcoming some complexity, you’re not growing. That’s just part of who we are.

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One of the things that I hear often from entrepreneurs is, "I've been dong this for so long I feel like I should've mastered it," or, "When in my career, when in my business am I going to stop feeling this sense of struggle and frustration and irritation?" Well, the fact is struggle and adjustment and transition is just part of who we are.

Committing to being an entrepreneur is committing to being a human being that is constantly in transition. When you commit to growing a business, making a difference in the world, going out and creating your greatest contribution, you also commit to a life of instability and constant growth and adjustment. What we don't realize, and often times don't acknowledge, is that when we say we're going to be an entrepreneur, when we make the commitment we're going to grow a business, when we move in the direction of creating our greatest contribution, we are committing to being in permanent transition, frustration and struggle.

Far too often as entrepreneurs, we look up and say, "When is this all going to go away?" Well, I have news for you. If things go right, it never does. Growth creates complexity. As you grow, that complexity is going to cause frustrations, and irritations, and it's going to cause struggle. It is part of who we are. As you get volume in your business, volume creates deficit. Whenever somebody tells me that they've created this system to show entrepreneurs how to grow a business without any pain, or frustration, or irritation, or any of those things, I think this person hasn't even grown a business themselves, because the fact is regardless of what type of company you're growing, if you're growing, volume creates complexity, growth creates complexity. They both create deficit.

So, when you're growing your business, you have to understand that you're always going to have some place where you feel like you've mastered, some place where you're moving away from, and then a place that you're moving into that typically makes us feel insecure, and like we're struggling, and like a beginner. That's just part of who we are. Being an entrepreneur means that you are always a beginner at something. So, part of the challenge with being a person like us is that we have to look at the rest of society who wants complacency, who wants relaxation, who wants to be left alone, who works most of their life so that they can stop working and do nothing, who have dreams about doing nothing. Let's be honest, the rest of society takes sick days. When's the last time you ever took a sick day from your business? I mean, I've been sick, but I never just laid in bed. Can you imagine ever calling in sick for your own company? Of course not. That's how the rest of the world lives.

So, the rest of the world has this paradigm that things should be easy, and things should be fun, and things shouldn't be a struggle, and we shouldn't have to work at them anymore. Well, I have news for you. As an entrepreneurial personality type, as a person who is creating new outcomes in the world, you've committed to a life of constantly being in a transition and struggling with something all of the time. So, I want you to stop asking for less struggle. What was it that Bruce Lee said? "Don't ask for an easy life, ask for the strength to overcome a difficult one." Well, all of us should feel that way, because the more that we are working through, the more that we are transitioning, the more that's going on for us, the more that we have to handle, the more that we are looking at and moving forward, the more we are growing.

See, the rest of the world doesn't want struggle, they don't want challenge, they don't want transition, because they don't want growth. This was one of the hardest things for me to learn as an entrepreneur. When I was in my 20s, I constantly chased this dream of not having issues, or not having challenges, or feeling like I was ahead, or feeling like everything was handled. What I realized one day was that you just never get there. I was never going to be satisfied with where I was. I came to the realization that there was no end of the road for me, there was no ultimate destination. I was just going to be creating new ones my whole life. I remember sitting back from desk and thinking to myself, "This is always going to be here. This is always going to feel this way." So, I don't need to figure out how to eliminate struggle. What I really need to do is figure out the systems, the processes, the structure, so I don't feel like I am struggling, so that I can get through those periods of transition, so that I can continue to move forward.

Recently, a new client took our Momentum MasterClass product, and I've been corresponding back and forth with them, because we're making a huge push for that product coming up soon, and I wanted to know some of the things that they were going through. What she told me was that she's frustrated with herself, because up until now, she hasn't been consistent. Up until now, she hasn't been moving things forward like she wants to. Up until now, she continues to struggle with the same things, with over-committing, with stressing her team out, with stressing herself out, with working under massive pressure and always being late, with all kinds of things that up until now, that has been her status quo. She said, "I'm frustrated. I feel like I should be passed all of this."

Well, here was my response to her, "Until now, you haven't had a process to master, you haven't had a process that gets you passed all of this. You haven't had a way to work through all of this in an organized way so that you can get passed it. But when you finally have a process like Momentum MasterClass, it will help you get passed the struggle, it will help you stop feeling like you're stuck, it will help you continue to create momentum. It will help you get over the fact that growth creates deficit, and volume creates complexity. That's just how it is." But until you have that as entrepreneurs, we feel far too much of the struggle. We feel far too much of the frustration.

For a lot of us, especially if you're listening and you feel like you haven't been getting the results you want, you feel like you're plateaued, you haven't been moving forward, you haven't been getting everything that you want out of your business and your life, well, the reality is that in those cases, what we're doing is probably holding ourselves back, because we don't have the process, the system, the structure that we trust. So, struggle is part of our lives. The way we get through it is by having consistent frameworks and structures that we can use to move passed this, and to get passed the place where you feel like you're under pressure, to get passed the place where all you can see in your business is the deficit, where all you can feel is the complexity so that you can continue to take those things down and move forward.

See, as an entrepreneur, I don't ever want you to ask for a life where you don't have struggle, because as an entrepreneur, if you're not struggling, let's be honest, you're not growing. If you're not putting up with some deficit, or overcoming some complexity, you're not growing. That's just part of who we are. I want you to master the systems and the frameworks that will get you out of those time periods, it will get you passed those places where you feel like you can't move forward that will help you create progress when you can't even see the path in the moment, and where you will always continue to move forward. Struggle is just part of the journey for people like us. It's part of who we are. We should stop trying to deny it and lean into it, because where you're struggling is where you are growing.

If you're ready to change everything in your life and install the keystone habits that are going to help you move forward right now, my core content is in Momentum MasterClass. It is exactly the same content that I use with my highest level coaching clients. They literally sign into the exact same platform and go through this content. If you go to, you can check out the systems and the frameworks that help entrepreneurs overcome the fact that volume creates deficit, and growth creates complexity. You can do this on a daily basis and continue to go create momentum. Go to, because struggle is part of the journey for us, and I don't ever want you to deny it. I want you to lean into it and create even more growth moving forward.

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