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From Out Of Business To Over Five Million Run Rate

by Alex Charfen

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I've just finished an incredible day at the Billionaire Code Summit and I'm catching up with a client of mine, Brad Gibb. He's going to share with you why the systems we use make you a better leader but maybe not in the way you would expect.

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I'm just finishing up an incredible day at the Billionaire Code Summit. I'm actually in the hallway of the event that we just did with Brad Cobb and he's about to share with you why the systems that we use make you a better leader, but in a way that you probably wouldn't expect.

Brad, it is so amazing to have you here and to have you at the event. How long have we been working together?

Since January and it's now whatever-


September. So nine months.

Nine months. So nine months ago where would you say that your business was?

The reason we came on is 'cause we were part of another Mastermind Group together and we were posting that we were almost done. We were ready to shut it down. It wasn't going to work. And my business partner and I were talking about splitting the business up and moving on.

Yeah, I remember you telling me that and remember begging you both, "Just come and let's first decide, first see what we're doing and then decide." And I didn't believe you and you started in an interesting spot though. You started with me and you said, "Brad, I can see physically that there's things going on. We've got to get you," just like you've always said, "You gotta get you hydrated, we've gotta get you in a daily routine, we've gotta get you out of fight or flight, so we can even begin the conversation." And that's what hooked me originally into like, "Okay, no one had ever taken that approach on my business before." And then we saw enough of the process, we trusted, and we dove in. So that's what we're going to talk about.

Yeah, no question. One, I think the personal part is important to 'cause it wasn't just for you, the personal stuff, but it was for Ryan as well. You were experiencing all kinds of physiological symptoms. Ryan had his neck locked up, back locked up. Both of you were physically feeling the burden of the business.

That's why we were wanting to give up, it was physically crushing us.

And it wasn't because you were working in crazy hours or lifting heavy boxes or any of that. It was the stress of the business and the ambiguity of where you were going, that was creating all that physiological stuff.

Oh yeah, we were in constraint, we were stopped, we were stuck, and we're the type of people we can't live that way, and we didn't have an out.

Right, and so, in the past nine months, I just want to give everybody contrast because you've applied our content for nine months and you said several times today in the class, "We haven't done it perfectly." And I don't think anybody can do it perfectly, but you've done it as well as you can in the last nine months. So you went from getting out of business to, where are you guys now?

We just hit a 5 million dollar run rate in our business.

Where were you nine months ago?

We sort of [fudged 00:02:32] numbers to get in at the 1 million mark. So we were at a run rate of a million but we hadn't booked a million yet. So we walked in at a 1 million run rate and last month we hit five.

5 million dollar run rate, so you've experienced 500% growth in the last nine months and physiologically, where are you and Ryan now?

Much better than we were before, it's still hard, I [Vox 00:02:54] you all the time, I'm like, "Thanks, I actually broke my business again." I keep waiting for it to not be broken. So it's breaking over and over but it's sustainable, it's something that we feel like we can keep up with and work within.

So what we teach is in addition to the physiology and taking care of yourself and really specific habits that make a lot of the pain go away. We also teach a forward-looking strategy, a communication structure, and then a system to build the infrastructure around you. And what you just said earlier, the reason I wanted to do this Podcast, is you mentioned earlier, when you have a forward-looking structure where you're showing people where you're going, suddenly, what you ask them to do makes sense.

Well the struggle and difficulty in building a team, is everybody thinks, everybody wishes they had a team of entrepreneur but nobody actually really wants a team of entr-, that would be a total disaster. I have little kids so I watched the Lego:Batman movie, I don't know if anyone listening has ever watched that, but when they try to build the submarine it's like all the 15 different kinds. That's what you would have if you had a team of entrepreneurs, but that's what we tell us of what we want, but what's really missing is we've got to figure out a way to communicate who we are and what we're trying to accomplish in a way that our team can follow and do.

And we got talking about the push backs that us as entrepreneurs have as we go through your system, it's 'cause we're looking at each piece individually. And it isn't until we see the forward planning and anyone of them implemented by themselves would end up being a total disaster because it would be out of context, it would be the crazy entrepreneur that our teams are use to seeing, that would be dismissed or we'd be misunderstood or we would be so off base because we wouldn't have the information or be telling our team the right thing.

But when I stepped back for part of the meeting today is, you were getting the usual push back and helping people through understanding it, I was like, "Wait a minute sharing numbers" that was the one I was thinking of, sharing numbers, no entrepreneur would do that expect, the entrepreneur that has a solid client centered mission, that his hired true believers who care about that person, then the money is something to celebrate, it's not something to get all worried about. But when it's a dog eat dog company then of course you can't share numbers. But the fact that we start all the way at the client centered mission, we hire true believers, we regularly communicate-

We're actually in the hallway of an event.

And when it all links together and you do it in that, that's when the magic can start to happen. The other joke Ryan and I have we always wish we just had X-Men powers where we could pause time and go get everything done that we want to. This is the next best thing because we're starting to be able to, like you said, predict the future by forward pacing it and now we're doing it. It feels like we're pausing time because we're doing it ahead of time.

I want to go back to what you said, it was so eloquent, in fact I don't know that I've ever said it as well as you did. What you said just a little bit ago was, "I don't know if everyone understands the significance of starting with a client centered mission." And there's a Podcast on client centered mission, so if you're listening you can go listen to exactly what that is and how to build it. But when you start with a client centered mission and you hire true believers, what you said is, "You can totally share your numbers, you can share profitability, 'cause it's just a score board for what you all want to achieve."

Everybody, entrepreneurs or not, everybody wants to win in life, everybody wants to be part of something that's bigger than them. And when you give them a client centered mission and you hire people that are naturally attracted to that, it's game over. You can do all of the things, the other companies have to motivate you through happy hours, and ping-pong tables and all the stuff because no one cares. But when people care they will go above and beyond, they'll work harder, they'll implement these systems that seem counter intuitive. But it's not until you connect all, and it's not a marketing gimmick. There's lots of people that will teach [inaudible 00:06:47] so that you can differentiate your marketing stuff.

But if you'll get one that you really truly believe in and then hire other people around you that believe in that. Your team will become that piece of support instead of the drag because, I realized that I was letting my avatar down if I wasn't using my team, it was the only way to continue to make that impact was to be there for my team. That was a massive, huge shift for us, 'cause I thought I had to be there for my client my team was getting in the way. So no, I need to go serve this person and if I'm spending time with my team then I'm not spending time with my person. But now, it's switched 'round the other way, that I can't serve my people until I have my team in place.

So awesome, and your team is on the same mission you are so you're accountable to them as much as they're accountable to you.


I always tell entrepreneurs if you can get to a million, you can get to three, and it you get to three you will see ten. Nine months ago you couldn't see two million, do you see ten now?

I couldn't see holding onto the million that we barely scratched with our fingernails out, and now we're hitting five, and ten is already mapped out, in a waterfall, we have it step-by-step ready to go we just have to let time do it's thing and run it. We're already at ten planned out and we're starting to see what twenty looks like.

Yeah, and can you now fathom that this could now be a nine figure opportunity?

Oh man, wow. Not until just you're challenging me on that... Now I want to go see how I can build a process to be able to do that 'cause you just confronted me with, "Well wait a minute, if it is 20 why isn't it 100?" I mean there's no reason [crosstalk 00:08:37]-

Well, if you can see 10 you can see 100.

Yeah, and I mentioned this in the group too, I want everybody to listen to this too. Had I been told when I started a business that growth was about my growth first and foremost, I don't know if I'd believe them, I wouldn't of understood that. Now I start asking myself a question, "Okay, so who do I have to become to do $100 million company?" I have to be a CEO that's capable of that and then I have to build a team that's capable of supporting me as a CEP to do that, and then run a process to be able to do it. So there's no reason it can't be.

Yeah, I look at you and I look at Ryan and I look at the industry you're in and how you're changing things, and I want you to know I see a nine figure business there and more. And the way the two of you talk about completely transforming your industry it's going to happen. So anybody that's listening, I'm sure they now want to understand who you are, find out about you and Ryan, tell them where they can.

We run two different businesses, one of them is called Atlas Wealth Solutions, we focus on financial stra-, it makes me sick to even say it because it's not what you think it is, we're totally changing it, but it's money for entrepreneurs, it's strategy that entrepreneurs need to follow with their money. And then we run a side called CashFlow Tactics that's more focused that the purpose driven employee who needs a strategy to be able to create cashflow to get out of what they're doing. So those are the two avatars we focus on, Atlas Wealth Solutions and CashFlow Tactics.

So if there's an entrepreneur listening, 'cause that's what we have mostly on this Podcast, what URL should they go to, to find out more about you guys?

We're stilling working on, but it would be is where to go to.

Perfect,, check it out, and it has been a privilege to watch you guys for the last nine months. I knew coming into this program you weren't going to quit, that was my belief, and I knew you guys weren't giving up. I did not have any clue how quickly, one, you would turn it around and then how explosive your growth would be. You created a tiger by the tail, I'm super proud of you guys.

Oh we appreciate it Alex, we love you, we love the group. It wouldn't be possible without the support here.

Thank you brother.

And for any of you who want to have that type of support, who want to understand how to grow your business, who want to get a little information 'bout where you are right now go to, fill out the quick survey, we'll give you a summary of where you are on the Billionaire Code and you'll also find out about future events and how we help entrepreneurs do exactly what Brad's been talking about and what Brad and Ryan are doing is changing the world, go check 'em out

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