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The Hack For Getting Help

by Alex Charfen

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I've worked with entrepreneurs for over 20 years and one thing I can tell you is that you need systems in your life that will help you ask for help. We have a hard time seeing where we need help let alone reaching out and asking for it. It doesn't matter what you do, if you want to do it at the highest level you are capable of, you need to be able to take care of yourself.

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If you're an entrepreneur, then you need more help than you're getting right now and you are tolerating too much. I make those statements in absolute fashion because I've worked with entrepreneurs for over 20 years and I know that it happens to every one of us. You need systems in your life that will help you ask for help. Let me give you one of the biggest hacks that will help you ask for help more often and in a way that will give you crazy momentum.

If you're an entrepreneur, you need more help than you're getting right now and I want to help you get there. I'm recording this podcast actually out in our kitchen because I wanted the girls to hear me record it.

Hello everybody.

Hello, my name is Reagan.

Hello, my name is Kennedy and welcome to the Charfen Podcast.

Yeah, see, they both really want me to just hand them the mic, but anyway, they're going to get to listen to this podcast and they're not going to interrupt this podcast, right girls? Because I wanted them to hear this message. Here's the reality about being an entrepreneur is that you aren't getting as much help as you need. If you look at the math of entrepreneurship in the United States, there's 29 million businesses, 22 million of them are under $100,000 and under $100,000 it doesn't matter what number under there you're doing, you are doing too much because in the under $100,000 business you can't buy any help so you're doing way too much. One of the challenges for people like us and why so many businesses stay under that line is that we really have trouble asking for help. We have a hard time seeing where we need help. In fact, a lot of us will deny we need help. We'll sweep stuff under the rug. We'll pretend like bad things aren't going to happen, we'll sit on things, we'll get caught not having told people that something was going to happen.

It can make us even looking consistent and incongruent if we don't ask for help. We'll end up having to cancel and not being able to finish things on time and it happens to every single one of us. I wish there was a way to say, hey, here's the easiest way you ask for all the help you need from this point forward in your life, but there isn't. In fact, you have to put rigorous processes and systems in place to help you uncover where you need help and you also need to start taking care of yourself. If you want the biggest hack for knowing when you need help, optimize. Start taking care of yourself because here's what happens when you're not taking care of yourself, there's so much noise that when you have help, there's a chance you won't even notice it. You'll continue to go forward and not get help and push and think that things are going to get better and think that things are going to change, but neither one of those things happens until you finally admit you need help.

The bridge or one of the bridges I've found that consistently works with entrepreneurs from the place where we will put ourselves in a place where we don't get enough help and we start failing to a place where we start building the systems and the team around us that we need is consistently taking care of ourselves because it raises awareness. It raises the awareness level we have of how we feel. When you start eating healthy foods, you start seeing more of the world around you. When you start moving your body in the right way, you start having the energy to absorb what's going on around you. When you take care of yourself, when you're present and aware, when you become more physiologically aware, when you become more nutritionally aware, when you're hydrated, all of those things start helping you see what's going on. It'll show you where you're uncomfortable and allow you to start asking for help and when you start taking care of yourself.

The reason that I share with entrepreneurs that self-care is a massive bridge to success is that when you start taking care of yourself, you will value yourself, value your time, value how you feel, and you'll start asking for help so you will stop feeling that way. If you're hustling and head down, and not drinking water and not eating the right types of foods, and not moving and not doing some type of meditation, breathing, exercise, all of those things are low or no cost and they're usually a replacement for habits and things that you're doing right now. All of them can be done by just about anybody who is chasing an entrepreneurial dream and if you do those things, that will be a bridge to you understanding how to incrementally get help along the ways you grow your business. Because here's the thing that's so hard about growing a business, the help you need and the support you need and the people you need shift and change overtime dramatically because at the very beginning you're literally doing everything so you need to offload task, steps of what you're doing.

Then when you have enough money, you can start hiring full-time team members that can be responsible for outcomes. Then when you have a large enough company, you can start hiring leaders that are responsible for departmental outcomes or larger outcomes in the company. As you move forward each time you go through another layer of entrepreneurial success. What you're really doing is asking for an entire new layer of help. If you're not treating yourself like a professional athlete today, I want you to know you are limiting your abilities to be successful in whatever position you're in because I know not everyone who listens to me is the entrepreneur running the team. A lot of you are the entrepreneurs on the team and it doesn't matter what you do. If you want to do it at the level that you are highest capable of, the level that you can put out there. When you start taking care of yourself, that is what the world will start seeing because self-care is this massive hack to seeing not only where you need help but to letting your brilliance show through.

To letting what you're really capable of show through and to increasing the talent level and skill level and ability level you do with everything you do because that is how dramatically self-care affects us. That's how dramatically lowering pressure and noise in our physiology, lowering the pressure and noise of dehydration and toxicity, lowering the pressure and noise of eating the wrong foods and having to have them processed by your body, lowering the pressure and noise of artificial colors and dyes and other chemicals like sweeteners and preservatives. All of those things that had been proven to give artificial responses in the body increase pressure and noise, give nervous system responses. It's any of those things. When you cut them out of your body, you will be shocked at how much you lower pressure and noise and how easy everything else gets. First, you have to start taking care of yourself so you know what you're even feeling and you understand where the pressure and noise is coming from.

Then you can ask for the right help at every level of entrepreneurship and the earlier you're willing to start asking for help, the faster you will get up those levels in a way where you don't feel like you're letting the people you love down. If you've been up those levels of hiring people around you, then hiring team members, then hiring leaders and then hiring a second level of leadership then hiring a third level of leadership then developing leaders around you as much as you can because that's really the biggest thing you're missing in your company. I've been there and if you've done it without him taking care of yourself, I want you to know the path forward is by reversing that. The path forward in a way that you can sustain and that you don't feel like you're letting your family down is reversing that. What you'll find is if you start taking care of yourself, all of the plateaus you saw in your current business.

All of the challenges you thought you had, all of the things that have been frustrating you will almost immediately become easier because you'll know which help to ask for. It's hard. I call it the entrepreneur's dilemma. We need more help than the average person to accomplish our full potential because every one of us thinks bigger and any requests for help makes us feel vulnerable and exposed. If we're willing to take care of ourselves, we will start overcoming the threshold of asking for help because we'll know that we need to change what's going on and we want the momentum of moving forward. If you want to see where the bottlenecks are, if you want to understand where you should be getting help, if you want to be able to get momentum from where you are today, start asking for help. Start taking care of yourself like crazy. Self-care will be the biggest bridge for asking for the right help that you need right now to give you the biggest chance of creating momentum going forward.

This is the exact coaching that I give my highest level private coaching group that we don't even sell into anymore, and this is where we start on self-care and on being present and aware and being that level one leader that is magnetic and naturally attractive to the people around them. You can get there too. This is one of the biggest shortcuts, hacks, secrets I know. Start taking care of yourself like a professional athlete and you'll start performing like one. If you're ready to make massive changes in your life. If you're ready to get into momentum across the board everywhere in your life, we take a holistic approach to helping entrepreneurs create empires and our course Momentum Masterclass will help you with everything that I talked about in this episode. Go to and I look forward to seeing you in the product and check and creating momentum for yourself at every level because if you're at a point in your life where you want to see everything change and you know you're going through a transition, maybe one of the most important ones in your life.

Here's what you need to do. You need to create so much physiological cognitive and chemical contrast in the positive behaviors that you add to your life right now that that amount of contrast makes it so that you don't slide backwards on any one of them. If you've been white knuckling your way and struggling through trying to get in shape or move forward or get some type of optimization and momentum, well, there's a reason. It's because most of the programs out there are created around the sole goal of some type of aesthetic change, some type of visual change, some type of weight loss or muscle increase or something over a very short period of time. I'm one of those coaches that I've always had to be around coaching the people that I've worked with. I don't just drop something off and then never see them again. The systems in Momentum Masterclass are the exact systems you need, not just to cause some short-term change, you will get massive results, but to live in a way that you are optimized and making the right decisions on an instinctive basis every day and where you're getting exactly the help you need.

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