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The Most Important System In Your Business

by Alex Charfen

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Do you feel like you're always putting out the fire you just had, like you're always solving the problem that just went by? Until you put a strategic planning process into your business, this will always be the case. When you have a process and everyone in the organization knows exactly where they're going next you can't help but create massive momentum. Are you making the progress you want?

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Most entrepreneurs are not making the progress that they want, the effect that they want, the income that they want, the impact that they want. Why? Well, because the vast majority of us are overlooking the most important process in our business. Go on Facebook, make a post that says, "I need help scaling my business," and you'll get all types of different answers as to how you need more leads, you need more marketing, more sales, you need to hire somebody, get an executive assistant. People will tell you what they've done. They'll tell you what other people have done. They'll tell you what they don't even understand how to do, but here's the fact, the most important set of processes in our businesses are quite simple. It's the processes through which we one, create a strategic plan. We choose where we're going. Two, we communicate that progress along the way. We actually make it happen and then three, we build an infrastructure around us and get the help we need. It's that simple. Here's the challenge, and the vast majority of businesses like over 99% of small businesses today do not have a strategic planning process of any kind. I mean, it's everything from, "We don't have any plan. We're just all project-based and charging forward," to, "We have a crazy vision or a big hairy audacious goal or some effect that we want to create in the world and then everyday we try to figure out how to get there." The reality is that the most important process in the business is how you call your shots and make them happen, and if you don't have a consistent strategic planning process, I want you to know something, your business will not reach the success that it can. Your business is being held back by that vacancy. Your business will not grow because not having a strategic planning process is the biggest deficit you can have. Here's why, until you put a strategic planning process in your business, until you installed this system, you will always be putting out the fire you just had. You will always be solving the problem that just went by because when we don't know where we're going, we are literally at the whim of what happens every day when we're just trying to make progress, we'll make progress, but it will crush us along the way as well.

The most important process in our business is how do we strategically plan forward, communicate that plan and get help around it. This is what we teach as a company and the reason I bring it up is because we often share this with people and they say, "Well, how much time am I going to have to put into it? How much effort is it going to take? Is this something that I can do quickly? Is this something that I can do easily?" My reply to them is this is the most important process in your business. Those are the wrong questions. The right questions are, how do I put a process in place that lasts forever? How do I create a strategic plan that I can systematically renew and communicate in a way that everyone on my team understands what's going on? How do I create a system through which I am constantly getting the help I need to avoid overwhelm and continue to create massive momentum as I build a company around me? Those are the questions you should be asking of anyone who's going to help you scale your business.

If you're looking to grow your organization right now, here are my questions for you. One, do you have someone who's helping you with that strategic planning process? Here's some of what you need. You need a strategic planning process that's easy, that's fast, that's lightweight. You can do it quickly. You can create your one year strategic plan in an afternoon, not three or four days, and you can renew it fast. You don't want a plan you create once a year. You want a plan that directionally you create once a year and then it renews monthly so you can make updates. Every entrepreneur in the world wants to update, wants to change, wants to modify, wants to grow. Well, you need a strategic plan that continues to do that with you and you can't have a strategic plan be effective. It won't help you at all unless you also have a system to communicate it to your team. Do you have a structure through which you communicate to your team? Is it lightweight? Is it minimum effective dose?

Does it let you communicate quickly where everyone on the team knows the direction you're going, and then the third question to ask is, can you quickly and easily build the infrastructure around the contribution you are making? Do you have a system in order to go out and identify where you need help, build the descriptions of the people who can help you? Whether they're contractor or full-time. Put those descriptions out in the market and then screen the people who can actually come in and grow your business. I don't care what else you're doing, whether it's marketing or sales or product development or anything else. If you don't have a system for strategic planning, communication and building your infrastructure, you're always going to be disappointed. You're always going to be frustrated. You're always going to feel like you're plateauing. You don't know what your team is really doing. You're not making as much progress as you could, and you will know intuitively that there is more there for you, that you could be doing more, creating more, putting more out there unless you have these things in place.

We as an organization show people how to do this. We show people how to create a strategic plan and the results of going from a business with a strategic plan from being a business that didn't have one are crazy and it's not just for startups. I'll share a couple of stories just from the last week. Last week we had our Billionaire Code Event here in town and one of the stories that I remember vividly from the event is, well Brad Gibb and Ryan Lee are crushing it and you probably heard his podcast a couple of days ago from being almost out of business. Let's look at the impact that this strategic plan had on Brad Cobb and Ryan Lee. They were almost out of business when I met them. They were actually considering getting out of their partnership, stop being entrepreneurs, doing something else. Possibly even getting jobs. I see that in that way because as I say it out loud it makes my chest hurt. I know Brad and Ryan, they're incredible. They are world changers.

They're going to change the entire industry they're in from the first time I ever met those guys, I knew that's what they were destined for, but I could tell by sitting down with them the first time, they were lost. They had the right intelligence, they have the right understanding. They had a market in front of them. They did not have a strategic plan. They didn't have a communication system and they didn't know how to get help. We installed these things in their business and as you heard in his podcast that I recorded at our event, they went from a one million to a five million dollar run rate in just a few months. Those are off the charts results and you might not get the same results if you put this stuff in place. Here's what I can tell you, you're going to get a lot better results than what you are right now without a strategic plan, without a communication system, without an infrastructure to get help. Another incredible example from the last couple of weeks was Ashlyn and Wallace Nelson who run a company that helps influencers create supplements lines.

In fact, they're incredible. They have some of the best supplements out there, and Wallace Nelson, oh Man. Have I found a kindred spirit in Wallace, like when I take supplements, I obsess. I obsess over the ingredients, the manufacturing process, where were they sourced, how were they made, who touched them, what energy did that person have. Is it a company that I want to actually take stuff from? When I sat down and talked to Wallace, he's the first person I ever feel like has that same view towards supplements that I do and Ashlyn, his wife is an incredible human being. I love the two of them. They've been in our program for several months now and they are on a June to July planning calendar. In June of this year, they planned their next year. July was the first month of the year, so they put in place a annual goal to go from July to June. We're now in the middle of September and sitting in our event last week, they hit their annual goal for their critical number.

They set a one year stretch goal and they hit it in two and a half months. How do you do that? Well, you take an existing business that hasn't had a strategic plan prior. You put a strategic plan in place, install the communication system, start building the infrastructure to get the entrepreneurs running the business help and things explode from no plan to a plan with a system to communicate it, everything in your business will change. You won't even recognize it because when people know where they're going, they can finally give you their full potential. When you know where the company's going, you can finally show everyone where you need to be. When the organization has a system where everyone knows what's happening, where everyone has the same amount of communication, where everyone knows what the business is doing next. You can't help but create massive momentum because human beings want to succeed. When you put these things into your business, when you install a communication system, when you put a system to strategically plan, when you start building an infrastructure around you, everything changes, and the changes can be explosive.

If you don't have these in your business right now, it doesn't matter what business you're in, I want you to know you're missing the most important systems in your entire business. If you're ready to install them now, if you're ready to have a strategic plan, a communication structure, if you're ready to start building the infrastructure around you, then get in touch with us. Go to Fill out a few questions and sign up for a call with a member of my team. Our brand new Billionaire Code Accelerator program may be right for you. There's no income requirement. It's a monthly coaching program that we can help you very quickly build a strategic plan, build a system to communicate it to your team. Get the infrastructure you need around you to explode the contribution you're making today.

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