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Momentum From Minor Changes With Dave Lindenbaum

by Alex Charfen

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This is a really cool podcast today. I'm sitting in ClickFunnels headquarters with a friend of mine, Dave Lindenbaum. Dave has been using the Momentum Planner and Momentum Masterclass systems consistently for the last 12 months and has noticed massive changes in his life. So many entrepreneurs have an all or nothing mentality. But you don't have to be perfect as long as you're taking small steps in the right direction. We'll get you aligned with yourself, your relationships and your business in a way you never have been before. If you want to know more about what Dave was talking about today visit

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This is a really exciting podcast for me today. I'm actually sitting here in the lobby at ClickFunnels headquarters with a friend of mine, Dave Lindenbaum, and he's going to share with us what making simple changes in his life have done to get massive, massive results.

Dave, it's so good to sit down with you here today man. How're you doing?

I'm doing great! I'm doing awesome, this is like my happy place.

Yeah, no doubt. I love coming here and the crowd is awesome. It's incredible to hang out with everybody. So, earlier today, you and I talked for a few minutes and you ran over to your backpack and pulled out a copy of The Momentum Planner, that you've set up. Now you've been using this for a few months now, right?

No, way more, actually, since ... well, actually, before even ClickFunnels. I heard you speak at [inaudible 00:00:53] live, like when Marcus Lamonis was there.

So, three years ago. Three years ago. But here's the interesting thing--I haven't been doing it consistently for three years. But when I joined your Momentum Master Class and started to understand how powerful it is, and educations is like a number one thing for motivation, in my opinion. I really started sticking to it. There's been ups and downs, but I'm keeping momentum. So it's probably been consistently coming up to a year.

So Dave, you're probably a lot like me where you've tried other systems, other planners, other organizational projects or processes. They all kind of tend to fall in on themselves due to being so complicated. Why has the Momentum Planner been different for you?

Yes, yes, yes, well you start with the ... lots of reasons ... a big one is you start with the end in mind and you reverse engineer it. For me, I'm still playing around with my vision, but at least with forward looking statements, which I is so amazing for entrepreneurs. We go on this weird thing, it's either all or nothing, so it's either perfect, or we don't do it at all, and then we get caught up. So, something that resonated a lot was that you don't have to be perfect because as long as you're heading in that direction, good things are going to happen. That was awesome, and so you go back and reverse it to 90 to 30 and then this is what I love about the weekly commitments. You don't have to micro your time, like "Okay, well on this day at this time I'm doing this." Which is good, I mean for some things as long as you just refer back. It's almost like you're giving the freedom in a controlled environment so that you still have a predictable outcome.

Yeah, no doubt, and I like what the Momentum Planner does, and I'll translate this for everyone, it's a forward planning system. A strategic planning system, not just for your business, but for your life. Once you have strategic planning around your life, everything changes, because the one place entrepreneurs don't really put a lot of strategy, is in their lives.

100 percent! Yes, it's fascinating that even you prioritize it, self, relationships and then business. What I thought was really cool was even on business, at least with the Momentum master class, the personal master class, it's not even the business of increasing my click-through rate, it's enjoy what I do every day.

Yeah, your relationships...

It's how your relationship [crosstalk 00:03:30]. Exactly, how you relate to yourself, how you relate to others and how to you relate to your business. That was a game changer. Then what was interesting is, I mean we could go over the different aspects, it's amazing. Doing your to-do list and then moving your top three from that, what was interesting is I saw it time and time again. My top three were always business related. Then I forced myself, I'm not sure if this is a long term, but at least for myself, one is always going to be business, one is always relation, one is always going to be self. The funny part is my business actually grew by focusing more on myself and my relationships.

Well, let's talk about that for a second, Dave, because when we were in there you actually said what the Momentum Planner has helped you do is identify even the small, little tiny things, that have been game changing for you. Because as entrepreneurs, we tolerate a lot. We tolerate big issues, we tolerate small issues, we'll even tolerate I called it cracked windows. We will always leave a cracked window because we can get to it tomorrow even though it's bugging the heck out of us. What has getting rid of those small irritations done for you?

Huge... huge. Can I give two examples? I gave you one and I know people can relate to this, which is also the way you time things. So you're closing your day with wins and gratitude. It's always good to start the day with gratitude, you have good intention. That's what the traditional thing is. For entrepreneurs, at least for myself, if I close my day with the things I want to do tomorrow, guess what's going to happen? I just start doing them because all of a sudden I feel behind. The fact that I already set my commitments for the week, it's there. It's there, I got it out, but I don't close my day that way. Then starting the day with reflecting on yesterday, on how can I....

Where were you uncomfortable?

Yes, and that's an interesting word, uncomfortable, because it forces you to actually be more in touch with your feelings. I think, I can't speak for other entrepreneurs, but for myself, I am not ... it's funny, I'm a pretty empathetic dude, I'm outgoing, I'm caring, but I'm not really in tune with my own feelings. And once you get in tune with your own feelings you get more sensitive. These little things.

So for example, we have a ... my second daughter she's still a baby and my wife is breastfeeding. The breast pump has a plug and we only have these two outlets. There's always three things we need to plug in, and constantly unplugging the plug and going under the couch, and doing that little thing. One day doing the planner, reflecting yesterday, I remembered that happened, and then I remembered that happened over and over because seven year planner reflecting on the week. I was like, you know what? I went on my phone, took three minutes and ordered a bigger [crosstalk 00:06:10] adapter. Yeah, it came, I did it, and because the feeling of like ... this is what I'm thinking, you probably know the answer, but you're conditioning yourself that if I see something, I'm aware of it, and I have control over it, I'm going to do something about it.

The other example is my driveway. My driveway was not clean. I know this is a silly thing, but one day I'm like, "Heck, I'm going to spend two hours." I cleaned, I did the barbecue, leaves, threw out things. Every single day I leave my apartment to go to work, I get in my car, drive my daughter to school, I see that driveway. It's not the fact that the driveway is clean, which is nice. It's the fact that I did something about it and everyday I'm reminded about that.

Well, here's what's interesting Dave, and I think you foreshadowed why I have people do this. You said, "When I focus more on myself, when I focus more on my relationships, when I eliminate where I am uncomfortable, what's really weird is, my business grew." And here's how I see that- pressure and noise from anywhere removes our ability to be productive anywhere else. So it's all cumulative. So by changing that outlet, you changed an irritation that is bothering you every single day. You know what? That's energy back in the tank. By cleaning the driveway, you change an irritation that's bothering you every day, plus, you actively went out and proactively showed yourself you can make it better for you. That's gas back in the tank and it's momentum in the right direction.

So these little things really do have a massive effect, but it's weird. I mean, you might agree, I often tell people it's not a direct cause and effect. If you start taking care of yourself your business gets better. You feel more confident, you feel better overall, and it really can be something as simple as changing adapters on a wall outlet.

Absolutely. There other thing I want to mention is, I've gotten into pretty good shape and it's been effortless, because I've taken small steps. In the past, I'd do a crazy diet, or a crazy work like 36 hours in a row

All or nothing All or nothing. I think that a lot of entrepreneurs are like that. A lot of people are like that, and they're trying to make up for lost time by doing that. I started off--which by the way man--now I understand why you're a proponent, is the water challenge. It goes beyond simple hydration. I know there's a physiological reason for drinking the water

Mind body connection

Yeah, but the idea of I'm consistent, I'm doing something now that I am preconditioned, that when I get up, or actually the night before I refill my liter thing and I just go and chug that thing down. It's almost like not brushing my teeth. But for five months, let me show you.

As you go through the Momentum planner, I love seeing this Dave, it's so awesome.

Ooh, I have another insight. It's still on my to-do list. Even though it's like, why do you need to write that down? Now something that is slipping is my morning and evening routine, and because I'm not listening to you. That would then make sense. It took me eight months. It's actually right before I left for Boise. It's on my weekly commitment. You're going to love this, man ...

This is so cool. I love seeing the Momentum Planner in action. And like you said, it keeps you focused on the small things, but also on the big things. So that your life overall stays in order, because so many entrepreneurs have that all or nothing. Oh man, I love seeing this.

Print routine for the morning. So you're doing the daily check in, you even had it laminated or something, right? I never did that, I'm like I'll just have it on my phone. That's the ... oh, last thing man, I love technology. My entire business is online, it's amazing, but nothing beats taking pen and paper. You said it time and time again, and as I've looked back on my life and reflect, the times where I was most productive is I just held a little notebook and just wrote down my thing. It was more esoteric. So you've been able to take chaos and control it and create order with your planner. But you're still ... you're still acknowledging that as entrepreneurs we're chaotic beings a little bit.

Yeah, no doubt

And that's been huge, but it took eight months because I thought I don't need it. That's the other thing, you're reflecting every week, you're reflecting every 30 days. The other cool thing was ... yes, this! This is interesting too.

The whole reflection, I just want to say and really being intentional. I've missed some sessions with this--and I'm sorry if I'm over talking--[crosstalk 00:10:45] this has been really ... I also want to clarify. I'm only let's say doing 65%.

And still getting crazy results.

Yes! And I've gone through your course maybe four or five times now, and there's still some modules that I haven't ... I played it while I was answering emails. You say in the beginning of your course

Don't do that [crosstalk 00:11:04]. But I want to talk to the person out there. It's okay if you do that as long as you are relentless and don't give up. That really is what entrepreneurialism is, right? We're the only ones crazy enough just to keep going even when things aren't as easy as you want them to be. Even when things don't turn out the way we expected for them.

Even now, this weekend I'm going to print out the morning routine. What I noticed is that when I did my weekly reflections, I was killing my morning routines, right? But I couldn't get an evening routine down. Why? Because when I started my weekly commitments in the months before, I started out my weekly commitments like I was planning out my day.

Got it.

Isn't this interesting? I had my morning routine, I had my before I go to work, I had my work, I had this ... think about that priority. Now if you look, my close of day routine is the top. I reversed it, does that make sense?

Yeah, what I'm seeing and what I'm hearing is that when you start to reflect. Reflection actually becomes something you put value in, you put time in. As entrepreneurs, we don't do that enough. We don't look back and say, "Where did I win? What could I have done better? What could I have improved upon?"

When you look at great entrepreneurs throughout history, Carnegie used to inventory every meeting he had and he would write what did he do well, and what did he not do so well. He became the richest man in the world. He was reflecting on himself. I think that your ability to now to reflect on yourself is giving you an entirely new level of momentum. You look thinner than I've ever seen you. You look more grounded, more present than I've ever seen you, and your business is growing and your family's doing great. What else could you want?

Yeah, I mean I printed morning routine. It's been amazing. The self regulation is really cool. This is the interesting thing, you've given everybody the framework, but it's customizable for the individual because only that individual knows "you know what, I took too much on, I was too ambitious these 30 days." That's okay, like you were saying as long as you get momentum, you could self regulate. They say with a plane it's only on track like 2 percent of the time

But it still gets there. Yeah, and it's amazing, man. So David, if people want to know more about you, where can they go find out more about you, your products and stuff you sell?

Yeah, for sure ... we have made some really cool, fun stuff that I know you and your family know about.

My daughters love them.

Yeah, Alex's daughters, we might need to hire them to be our sales reps or something. I mean they're just amazing. So If you want to make someone feel really appreciated and loved and cared for, and don't wait for a holiday. You don't need a holiday to give somebody a really authentic, unique gift. And getkombucha for those that are into hippy, funky, moldy and yeasty beverages that do great things for your gut biome. You can check us out at

Awesome, Dave thanks so much for sharing with us. If you want more information on exactly what Dave was talking about today, go to We have the natural thirst challenge in there, the momentum planning system, the personal strategic planning system. We will get you aligned with yourself, your relationships and your business, in a way you never have been. Thanks again, Dave. Thank you

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