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Hire With Confidence

by Alex Charfen

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Entrepreneurs often feel a lot of uncertainty when it comes to growing a team and making the all-important hiring decisions. How do you hire the right people? How do you go out and build a team so that it can help you build your business? Not every entrepreneur has to have a team but if you want to create something truly world-changing then a team is a necessity! I want to share with you some of the strategies we use to help our clients hire with confidence.

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Alex Charfen: Not every entrepreneurs has to build a team, but if you want to do something significant with your business, if you want it to grow beyond where you can take it, if you want to grow something extraordinary, and truly world changing, then a team is a necessity. But if you're going to hire, I want you to hire with confidence, not how most entrepreneurs today do it.

I get the question all the time, "How do I hire with confidence?" "How do I bring in the right people?" "How do I go out and build a team so that it can help me grow my business?" Well, here's one of the biggest challenges with most entrepreneurs build their businesses today is ... and you can see this this, you can watch it, you can feel it in the way entrepreneurs talk. We work, and work, and work. We get our business up and going, and up off the ground kind of running and now it's growing, and then rather than systematically build a team, here's what most entrepreneurs do. Not some, but most. And if you're in this category, don't feel bad, we've all been there, including me.

We get the business going, it starts, it's up and running, and then we start getting a little overwhelmed. We start having a hard time with it, we start doing more, working longer hours, getting up earlier, staying up late, putting in weekends, putting in nights, stop taking days off, doing everything we can to get the business running. We wait way to long to build a team, and there's a reason. Because, we don't have the confidence to go out and hire the person who's going to come in and help us.

And then even worse, we start building a team, we get a couple people on board, and then we stall out again, because we don't have the confidence to hire the next person who's going to help us, and we continue down this path of growing the business, struggling to hire a team, and having a hard time continuously growing, and reaching our full potential, doing everything that we want, answering all of the opportunity that we've created. It's one of the hardest to do as an entrepreneur, is to confidently bring in the right people at the right time. I want you to be able to hire with confidence, and I'll share some of the strategies we use to show our clients how to hire with confidence.

So, first and foremost, heres the main reason why most entrepreneurs have a hard time hiring team members. It's not just because they don't really understand everything they're doing. It's because they don't know where they're going. And both of those components are necessary to be confident hiring a role. First, we have to know where were going, and second we have to know what we want done, because if you're just busy, if you're doing everything you can to grow your business, you've overwhelmed yourself, and you're just busy, and you go and try to hire someone, they might be someone who relieves the pressure in ways for now, but what happens if the business shifts tomorrow, if the needs shift tomorrow. If you bring in the wrong person and they end up stuck, that in incredible frustrating.

So, the two parts of clarity of hiring are one, where's the business going? Having a strategic plan. I know I talk about this all the time. But one of the biggest challenges with hiring for most entrepreneurs is that they do not have a strategic plan, so they hire somebody to fill a role, but not somebody to actually ... so, they'll hire a customer service person, they'll hire someone who's going to help them, but not someone who's going to fill the role that's coming tomorrow. And when we have a strategic plan, when we know where we're going, when we have an idea od where the company is going to be next, when we know what were planning to do, we can hire with a much higher level of confidence, because we can anticipate what were going to need. Creating a strategic plan changes everything.

Now secondly, we want to know what the company actually needs right now. What is the role we need filled? What are the tactics that we need for somebody to do? And the only way I know how to confidently do this is to gather data within the company. And we suggest you do this one of few ways, but doing a time study is one of the easiest ways where you, or the members of the team who need help, do a time study. As your company grows, when it's just you, you do a time study, you can look at that time study, which is where you write down what you're doing every fifteen minutes, for a two weeks period, you review that time study, you mark the things that are strategic, as strategic, you should keep doing them. The things that are tactical, something you can offload to someone else, and that time study literally can build the job description for you. It can build the role for you of exactly what you need. Someone to take off all the things on your plate that are tactical.

For most entrepreneurs, when you're first starting out getting an assistant, an EA, somebody who can help you with everything that you're doing, is one of the best moves that you can make so that you can continue to grow, then hire confidently again. Once you have a group, or several people on your team, you start having your team members doing time studies. In fact, two team members of mine, right now are doing time studies, so that we can assess what they're doing, figure out if we need to go out and get help, or if we need to change the role, and then figure out what our next move is. And if you don't have those things, clarity of what's going on in the company with a strategic plan, and clarity of what you actually need by looking at the time studies of people that are in the roles, then it's really hard to hire with confidence.

It's hard to move forward and say, "This is going to work." "This is going to help us." It's hard to say, "This is exactly what we need, right now." And heres what happens as a result. A lot of entrepreneurs hire tentatively. They go out and they a designer, or they hire the person who they think is going to help them, and then heres what happens so often is, you do go out and hire a designer, but what you realize is, you thought you had a full time job for a designer, and you really don't. So then, you now are trying to build jobs, or build outcomes around the position so that you can fill up someones time, because you didn't do the analysis upfront. And then what happens is, if you bring in somebody and they're not fully utilized, that will irritate you, just as importantly, it will irritate them. Especially if you find an A player because, people who are good at their roles want to be fully utilized and then some. They want to be busy. They want to be producing, they want to be in momentum, creating outcomes or crushing outcomes, creating their work and making things happen for the company.

So if you're hiring people, without clarity around the role and the company, you're going to have challenges. And this will challenge your ability to hire in the future. Because as an entrepreneur, heres what happens. If you hire like most people do, where you say, "We need help." And you bring somebody in to quote unquote help you, and then you don't have clarity around what's goin on in the company, so you don't really know what you need, and you don't have clarity in the role, so you don't really know what you need. You end up hoping that you get lucky, where you bring somebody in who is malleable enough, changeable enough, they can jump into enough different positions, that they can actually help you with clarity, and grow the company. The problem is, this rarely happens. And if it happens once, it rarely happens a second time. So, in order to hire with confidence, make sure that you have two things in place. Company clarity in a strategic plan, and role clarity by building out a clear job description by understanding exactly the inventory of time that this person's going to replace.

Hiring is one of the most important aspects of building you're business. And once you hit seven figures or more, and once you're at the point where you can no longer drive everything, hiring becomes the most important aspect of building your business. Hire with confidence by having clarity in the company, and having clarity in the role, and you will bring people in quickly, they will on board into their positions fast, and you will see their productivity go through the roof. That is how you hire with confidence, grow your company, and build your team so that you can continue to move forward as an organization, with confidence, and excitement.

If you're ready to start building your team now, if you're ready to grow faster than you ever thought possible, apply to be part of a private presentation around the billionaire code accelerator that we have. We have a new presentation that I would love you for you to see, where I will reveal to you exactly what our clients, that are scaling fast, and growing their businesses are doing. In fact, Brian Burt, and Brian Johnson from Canopy Management, recently joined our program. They were a team of four, and this morning, Brian Burt posted a photo of his Zoom call with his team of nine, and soon to be 11, and it's only been three months that they're in our program, and their business has grown by somewhere around 500%. They've gone from around a million a year, run rate to a five million dollar a year run rate, according to the post he made this morning. Let me show you exactly how they're doing this and more. Go to, fill out some questions from my team, and we will give you access to this private presentation that includes exactly how people are growing and scaling their business in our programs faster than any program out there.

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