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Plan To Make The Team You Have Beter

by Alex Charfen

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Are you holding your team back? It might surprise you to know that most entrepreneurs are. When you don't have a strategic plan and you can't tell your team where the business is going, you end up being the biggest bottleneck in your business. Less than 1% of entrepreneurs like you and I have a forward-looking strategic plan that they can explain to their team. Planning is crucial to your success and calms entrepreneurial anxiety. If you don't plan, you commit to slowing your team down.

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What if I told you there was an easy way to increase the return on investment for the salaries you're paying the team you already have. See, people routinely get into our programs, double or triple their business volume in their first year with the team they showed up with. Let me tell you how.

Most entrepreneurs who have teams, are actively holding their teams back, grabbing onto their ankles, dragging across the floor, and not letting them get into full momentum and actually create the outcomes that ironically the entrepreneur wants in their business. Here's why. If you don't know where you're going, you are stuck in transactional management and it's near impossible to create momentum with your team. Let me give you an example of what I mean by transactional management. Transactional management is when you don't have a strategic plan, you don't know where you're going, so everything occurs in the moment. You end up telling people what to do, checking that it got done, telling them what to do again because you really don't have a long-term strategic plan.

Over the weekend, I posted on my Facebook page a quote by Warren Buffett. He says "An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan." That's how strongly Warren Buffett believes, or thinks about planning. Why? Because it's clear that the difference between having a plan and not having a plan is the difference between being able to achieve maximum success in a short period of time and wandering around aimlessly not really getting to the success you can have because when you don't have a strategic plan, when you're team doesn't know where you're going, when you don't have a one-year plan, when you can't tell them where the path is and show them how you're going to get there, here's what happens. You end up being the biggest bottleneck in your business. You are literally the person that everyone has to go to to ask what do we do next, where are we going next, what's happening next, and so you will always feel like your business isn't growing fast enough, and in fact your business will not be growing fast enough.

Here is how you make the change. When you create a strategic plan and you know where your business is going and you can see where it's going to end up, here's what changes. You can now move from transactional management where you tell people what to do, check that it got done, and tell them what to do again to transformational leadership, and here's the big shift. In transformational leadership, you give people clear outcomes, here's where we're going, this is what we're going to do, this is the plan, then you coach their success along the way. Because you know the outcome, you can now coach their success along the way, let them think, let them work, let them become responsible. I always tell people if you want your team to be responsible give them responsibility, give them clear outcomes, coach success along the way, and then the third step is you get leveraged results. If you've listened to this podcast you've heard me say this before, but I say it over and over again because here's reality in the entrepreneurial world. Less than 1% of entrepreneurs like you and I have a forward-looking strategic plan that they can explain to their team.

I'm just going to say it again. Less than 1% of entrepreneurs have a forward-looking strategic plan that they can explain to their team. Let me repeat the Warren Buffett quote. "An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan." See, planning is crucial to your success, and less than 1% of entrepreneurs even know how to assemble a strategic plan. The challenge with so many of the different strategic planning processes or strategies that are out there is that they're so complicated they don't really work for entrepreneurs. If you can get one that actually does work, if you can create one that works, or if you can use one like ours that works, it changes everything.

See, once you know where you're going, you can give your team clear outcomes, here's where we're going and I need your help to get me there, and then once you have those clear outcomes you can coach your team. They can tell you their ideas. You can tell them what you like. You can tell them what you don't like. And then you can get leveraged results because you make your team actually responsible for the result. When you're the only person who knows where you're going, when you can't communicate a clear strategic plan, when you don't have a system to communicate that in a way that everyone in your business understands, you commit to slowing the team down, creating operational drag, and feeling like everything isn't moving forward like it should.

If you have a team, let me tell you what kind of thoughts you'll have so you know what I'm talking about. It's that waking up in the morning or looking up in the middle of the day or driving down the road and wondering to yourself what is everyone on my team doing right now. Are they actually working? Are they doing as much as they can? Or it's that feeling of I don't know if everyone on my team is going fast enough. I know they could be going faster. They should be going faster. Why aren't they? Or that feeling of shouldn't we be going faster? Shouldn't things be happening faster? Shouldn't more be happening? Why isn't everything happening like it should? Those are all thoughts and feelings that haunt us as entrepreneurs when we don't have a strategic plan. If you've been an entrepreneur for a while and you've never done strategic planning, you don't understand how, then I want you to know something. Those are not natural thoughts. Well, they're natural if you don't have a plan, but those aren't thoughts that you have to have. Those aren't thoughts that you are resigned to have for the rest of your life.

See, when you have a strategic plan and you can see things getting knocked down as time goes on, you can watch you and your team approaching the finish line, you can see that things are actually happening as they should, it will clam entrepreneurial anxiety, and make no mistake entrepreneurial anxiety is real. See, we experience anxiety and frustration and restless agitation when we don't get enough done in the world, and you know what this feels like because you have always chased bigger and bigger outcomes, you've wanted to do more, to create more, to put more out there, to make more happen. And then if you have a team what happened was there was a day when your momentum on your own just wasn't enough, so you had to hire other people to help you create more momentum and make it even bigger.

But here's what happens. When we are creating and moving forward and we're in momentum but we don't really have a plan, we don't really have a structure, it starts to create that anxiety, that sinking feeling that we're not doing it right, that feeling that maybe not everybody's doing the right thing, that feeling that you could be doing more, you're giving up opportunity, you're missing out, you're slowing down, you're not really achieving like you should. All of those feelings make us feel constrain and they will deleverage us, they will hold us back, they will stop us from putting ourselves out there, they will stop us from being vulnerable with the people around us, they will stop us from asking for the help that we really need, and all of those feelings actually have this compounding affect of not only making us feel constrain but also making us feel like we can't put ourselves out there and be who really want to be.

Now, contrast that with an entrepreneur with a plan. When you know where you're going, you can tell your team to get you there. You will start seeing achievements as they should happen, knocking them down on the way to the finish line. You will see your team achieving. You will achieve. Everyone in your business will get into momentum and when your team and you are in momentum you will be blown away at the level of personal development that occurs for everyone because as EPTs, as evolutionary hunters, we grow the most, transform the most, create the most, and become the most when we're in momentum working on a team, making things happen, and achieving our goals.

I want that for you and everyone in your organization, so understanding how to plan is crucial for your success. As an organization, we teach people how to plan in their personal lives. We teach people how to plan exactly the same way with a very similar structure in your business life and for your business with your team because when you have a plan, when you know where you're going, everything in your life and everything in your business will change. If you want to create true personal and business congruency, plan in a similar way for both.

Having a plan changes everything. Like I said, Warren Buffett knows a lot about business and he understands a lot about how to achieve in life and for him to make a statement as strong as an idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan it should probably tell you that if you don't have a plan it's time. Start planning. Know where you're going. Let your team know and you will stop feeling like you're behind. You will stop feeling like everybody's not doing enough and you will start to feel the momentum of actually accelerating towards your goal, not slowing down as things get done.

If you're ready to start planning in a way that will change your entire future and you'd like to get some personal congruency and really understand where you're going as a human being, we have a personal product that is the basis for our high-level coaching. It's called Momentum Master Class. In Momentum Master Class, we teach a ton about how to get through transitions fast as an entrepreneur, how to lower pressure and noise in your life, create the protection and support you need, and most importantly how to create a personal plan to achieve more in a year than you ever have. Right now, in December, is the right time to start.

In fact, if you go to, you can check out the full package. It's not only our planning system, it's also all of the keystone habits that we coach our highest level clients on. They get the exact same package you'll get when you go through Momentum Master Class and create not only a personal plan but our momentum planning system and create more momentum than you ever thought possible. Go to You owe it to yourself to start 2019 with the most momentum you've ever had in your career.

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